A Local’s Guide to Fantasy Fest in Key West

Welcome to Fantasy Fest, Key West’s most vibrant and lively event of the year! We get a ton of interest and questions about Fantasy Fest. If you’re planning to join the fun, here’s our local guide to navigating the week-long extravaganza like a pro.

Before the Fantasy Zone: The First Weekend

Fantasy Fest kicks off with a bang, but keep in mind the actual events officially start on Monday. The first weekend is a bit more subdued, with costumes being less risqué but still fun. It’s a great time to ease into the festivities and get a feel for the atmosphere without jumping straight into the deep end.

Sunday: Zombie Bike Ride

Start your Fantasy Fest experience with the iconic Zombie Bike Ride. It’s a thrilling spectacle as thousands of participants don their best zombie attire and cruise through the streets of Key West. The ride ends at the ZombieFest Street Party, a perfect place to kick off your week with some ghoulish fun.

Monday: Kink Party

Monday night turns up the heat with the Kink Parties. These events are for the adventurous, featuring daring outfits and an open-minded crowd. It’s a night of liberation and expression, so let your creativity and wild side shine.

Tuesday: Tutu Tuesday

Tutu Tuesday is a whimsical and colorful event where everyone dons their most fabulous tutus. It’s a light-hearted and playful day, perfect for creative costumes and lots of laughter. Don’t forget your tutu!

Wednesday: Boat Day and Glow Party

Wednesday is our day to hit the water. A boat day is a must, offering a refreshing break from the crowded streets (and all those clothes) and a chance to enjoy the stunning Key West waters. Afterward, join the Glow Party, where neon outfits and glowing accessories take center stage. It’s a neon dreamland that ties perfectly into this year’s theme, “90’s Neon Cosmic Carnival.”

Thursday: Halos N’ Horns

Thursday daytime brings the Halos N’ Horns event, in our opinion, one of the most fun and energetic parties of the week. Whether you’re an angel or a devil, this event is a highlight with its playful costumes (or lack thereof, its clothing optional) and a sexy pool party atmosphere.

Friday: The Locals Parade

Friday is all about celebrating the local spirit with the Locals Parade. It’s a more relaxed and intimate event compared to the main parade on Saturday, giving you a taste of the community’s unique charm and creativity.

Saturday: The Grand Parade

Saturday is the climax of Fantasy Fest with the Grand Parade. As locals, we usually participate by being on a float, but whether you’re in the parade or watching from the sidelines, it’s an unforgettable experience filled with extravagant floats, elaborate costumes, and non-stop entertainment.

Pro Tips for Fantasy Fest

  1. Theme Flexibility: While each year there is an official theme, feel free to let your imagination run wild. Many people choose their own themes, so there’s no pressure to stick strictly to it.
  2. Fanny Packs: With costumes often lacking pockets, a fanny pack is a lifesaver. It’s perfect for carrying your essentials while keeping your hands free for dancing and drinks.
  3. Reusable Tumbler: A reusable tumbler is not only eco-friendly but also convenient for keeping your favorite beverage handy as you navigate the festivities. Key West is one of the few places you can wander the streets and festivities with an adult beverage in hand, just no glass.

Final Thoughts

Above all, Fantasy Fest is about having fun and embracing the spirit of Key West. Show up with an open mind and be ready for an unforgettable adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned local or a first-time visitor, Fantasy Fest offers a unique blend of creativity, community, and sheer joy that you won’t find anywhere else.

For more detailed schedules and event information, check out Fantasy Fest’s official website.

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